Alaska – My Better Half, How to Check a Backpack as Luggage

That Friday ended up being the day that never ends. Actually, the day that never ends is when you fly from Asia back to North America – the flights seem endless and when you arrive its like an hour earlier than when you left. This wasn’t that bad but it was pretty damn tiring. I had a 6 hour shuttle ride back to Anchorage, followed by repacking at the hostel, then a red-eye flight to Seattle, and finally a morning commuter flight up to Vancouver. Not the easiest way to go but it was the cheapest flight and it meant not having to pay for a room in Anchorage and it gave me a little more weekend time at home. Despite having concerns about baggage connections, packed liquids (Americans are still paranoid that you’re carrying Al Qaeda brand explosive toothpaste), and a pressurized canister of Bear Spray, everything went pretty smoothly.

I wish I could say that I got some sleep but my rest comprised of sitting in random airport lounges with my eyes closed. My flight to Seattle also continued through to Houston, which meant that those same damn Texan hunters loudly discussed those same damn sheep while everyone else around them tried to ignore them and sleep. Despite all that, I felt pretty damn good when I landed back on Canadian soil!

Naos 22

How to check a backpack. Wrap the hipbelt around the pack.

Shoulder straps are removed and stuffed inside

Strap everything down, tie up loose ends


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