Hong Kong, Bangkok

We headed out of Bataan taking the new 1 hour ferry instead of the 4 hour car ride on some fairly dangerous roads (in fact, back in February 8 people from our backpack factory were killed late at night coming back to Bataan, but the ferry didn’t really spare us from the danger of the road since the 15 minute drive from the terminal to Marivelles still went through the infamous switchbacks where the accident occurred (and where there is still a gaping hole in the guardrail). Aside from watching a pack of homeless children run through the congested rush hour traffic beating on people’s cars with sticks, it was an uneventful departure, to Hong Kong for me and to Vancouver for Sarah.

Kowloon skyline

Kowloon skyline

Hong Kong is a great city and I felt perfectly comfortable staying there on my own. I must say that after dealing with the filth and generally low standards of the Philippines, staying at a 4 star $400-a-night hotel was a luxury that I really appreciated. It was by far the nicest hotel room I’ve had. I don’t really have much else to say about Hong Kong, I’ve been there before, I enjoyed it, but it was not drastically different from my previous visit.

I finished my meetings and flew out on Saturday morning, headed for Bangkok just a couple days after terrorist bombs left about 50 political demonstrators dead. Needless to say, the flight was empty so I was able to stretch out and read up on Lao culture. Due to confusion over flight times and time zones, my 5 hour layover was reduced to 4 and it wasn’t quite enough time to navigate the confusion of Bangkok traffic. So even though I cleared immigration and exchanged money,  I didn’t venture far from the airport. Maybe I’ll get there someday but, realistically, after spending some time in Lao, I may not have much desire to. People say Lao is like Thailand 30 years ago, so lets get to that.


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