Iceland – arrival and first impressions

Well, I made it to Iceland but boy am I ever bagged! The night before I left I only got about 4 hours of sleep and then I had to go through the whole rigamaroll of bussing to Seattle (including dealing with the customs guys who take themselves way too seriously), walking to the airport shuttle with my ridiculously awkward bike-in-a-hockey-bag, followed by the usual security hassles and finally a 7 hour flight. You know things suck when the flight is the best part. And after all that, I arrived in Keflavik pretty exhausted at 6:45 local time just as a new day began. I actually took a nap on the floor of the baggage claim area.

After getting to my guesthouse I got my bike assembled (no damage or problems for once) and went for a mellow ride around town and then across the Reykjanes peninsula. If i don’t occupy myself  with something – biking, walking, writing an email etc – I fall asleep. Even sitting up.
Keflavik is not the most engaging place but it was just right for today. I just wouldn’t have had the gumption to do anything more. Besides, just seeing all the weird Icelandic words and the little fishing villages along the coast is pretty cool. And, yes, I did have a “holy shit i’m in Iceland” moment. Mostly I’m just stoked to have made it with my bike intact (and no excess baggage fees) and without any real problems. Things are looking good.
Tonight I’m gonna crush some beers and get some sleep. Tomorrow I’m heading down to the blue lagoon.


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