Iceland day 3 – Reykjavik

Today was a pretty busy day – so much so that this morning seems like ages ago. I was up at the crack of 8:30 and on the bus to Reykjavik by 9:15. It was a little touch-and-go finding the unmarked bus stop and getting the bike on the bus but it all worked out. Of course it involved hemorrhaging a little cash.


Reykjavik is a quaint city with dense European core that’s packed with interesting little shops and lots of corrugated steel buildings. There’s just too much to describe in detail so here was my day, in no particular order (also cuz I want to drink some beer and watch a movie):


– I met Magne and Maria at the bus depot. They are the bike tour operators and they have some sweet Icelandic trucks. We had coffee, talked about Iceland for a while, and they took my bike back to their place. Here in Iceland they take trucks seriously – not a shiny trailer queen in sight. Big lifts, massive tires, winches, lockers, shovels, snorkels, tires that go 1psi, etc… all standard stuff. I’m curious to see what we’ll be driving through next week. It was also a nice change to leave my bike on their truck, unlocked for an hour or so and not even consider that it could be stolen.


– I walked around Reykjavik. It’s a nice city but I can’t figure out where all the money goes. Prices are like Switzerland but in Switzerland there are sick German cars everywhere. Here they drive mostly cheap cars just like we do in Canada. Maybe a truck in Iceland = an M3 in Germany? Museums are like $20. I went through the National History Museum, three and a half stars, and then checked out the Viking  Museum by just watching the security cameras behind the admission desk. Sweet.

The Harpa performing arts center

The Harpa performing arts center

– The gay pride weekend is coming up and I’ve got my purple jacket and shoes. I’m sure people are making assumptions.


– I stopped by the Nikita clothing office, another Amer-owned company. They were kind enough to pass a shipment of Archery goods from me to Magne and Maria. Yup, archery. Stupid tablet with its autofill. Arcteryx goods is what I mean. Nice guys at Nokia. Damn it! Nikita!


– There is a surprising amount of Chinese tourism here and twice I saw Icelanders get visibly annoyed by them. It’s like mixing O.J. and milk in the same glass.


– I finally made it to the government liquor store where you can buy proper 5% beer instead of the 2.25% at the mini marts. Turns out it’s triple the price. Hemorrhaging again. I might switch back to 2.25 since all the water keeps me hydrated. And I might also get called out for being a huge pussy in my purple pride outfit and my girly beer.


– I found a shop that sells lamb testicles and that rotten shark meat stuff. For eating. Then i got some pizza.


So that’s where I’m at – pizza and beer back at the guesthouse for the night. Gonna watch Pineapple Express. Tomorrow I have another bus and ferry connection to the Westman Islands (named for the Irish priests/slaves that they threw off the cliffs). Gonna see some puffins and the Pompei of the north, where half the town got buried by ash in a 1973 eruption. Should be pretty awesome.


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