Iceland day 5 – back in Reykjavik

Don’t you love those sleeps where you wake up and can’t recall even turning over during the night? I had such vivid dreams about biking with friends back home and being hours late for work. What would Freud make of that?

Even though I prepaid $10 or so for breakfast at the guesthouse I decided to skip it since would likely end up all over the deck of the ferry and on my pretty purple shoes. However the ferry ride back was actually quite smooth, probably because we were sailing north toward the mainland with the waves rather than sailing into and over them. Then the 2 hour bus ride into Reykjavik.

I didn’t really have much to do today. I had already done the tourist thing in Reykjavik so today was just a day to chill and do whatever seemed good. It’s a good thing too because the bus to ‘Reykjavik’ actually dropped me in Mjodd, which is a suburb like Burnaby. At first I was kinda annoyed but, like I said, I had nothing planned. In fact, since I had to take a city bus into downtown anyway I decided to take the long route that wound through the suburbs instead of going direct. If you only see downtown Reykjavik, you think it’s a dense quaint euro city, but really the suburbs are more like North America with subdivisions and low-rise apartment complexes. The have lots of land so nothing really stops urban sprawl. Plus I checked out the Facebook-updating teens, the imported Thai housewives, the fat blue collar chaw-chewing workmen, and various other slices of the Icelandic population that you don’t see downtown amongst the hipsters and artists.

I already posted the pic of the Harpa center. Here's a ship.

Bust a cap in some whale ass.

I gotta say, the more euro gear I see, the more I appreciate the quality of Arcteryx products. It really is beautiful gear. But I guess it’d better be – a Beta AR goes for about $1000 here. If I were to sell the jacket off my back, it’d pay for a good chunk of the trip. But the purple is just too awesome to give up.

Umm… i don’t have a lot to say guess since my day was pretty uneventful. I sat in a coffee house nursing a $4 coffee and reading the English version of the Reykjavik version of the Georgia straight. Again it was just interesting to see what the hot topics are in Iceland. They hate Tom Cruise. They are very very supportive of gay lifestyle. They are self-deprecating in hilarious ways. They support the arts massively. Pretty cool buncha folks if you ask me.

Then I just kinda wandered around sans maps. Without an itinerary I had time to look at the architecture, wander into public buildings like their amazing opera house, and even see some whaling ships in the harbour. There are a pair of boats that were sunk in the harbour in the 90’s by anti-whaling activists who were too radical even for Greenpeace. The boats were brought back up and repaired and they are still used today for whaling. It’s quite symbolic of icelands attitude toward whaling, I think. They kill about 45 each year, a number that scientists agree does not threaten the species, and they do it almost solely because the world tells them not to. Essentially they just refuse to be bullied by someone else’s ethics. And they’re frickin vikings so like back off eh?


Tomorrow our bike tour begins and the forecast is calling for massive amounts of rain. I suppose that will separate the boys from the men. Maybe I’ll go see a movie or something.


OMG I think I found the worst screwing yet – $20 for a load of laundry. And that’s not abnormal. Its lucky that I’m moving to Magne’s house tomorrow just as I run out of clean stuff.


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