Iceland – Menningarnott and the journey home

My last day in Reyjavik turned out to be pretty good. I had already seen all the sights so I didn’t really have much on the agenda, just hanging out with Dan and Allison, the 2 Revy kids from the bike tour. It turned out to be a great day though. It was their annual culture night which means there is tons of free music around the city, pretty much in every square. And some of it is really good. For a population of only 350k, Iceland churns out a huge amount of artists, whether they are musicians or poets or sculptors, painters, whatever. We were lucky to catch the festival. The best part was seeing this 80’s metal band that had the whole getup – big hair, makeup, spandex pants etc…



Now I’m on my way home, just killing time in Seattle waiting for the Greyhound back to Van. Gotta say, the bus station in Seattle is absolutely god awful, so I’m a block away in the courtyard of some ritzy hotel trying to poach their wifi. And I also gotta say, this tablet was well worth $350. Now I just need the app that hacks wifi passwords. I got a bit of “sleep” on the plane and I’m not terribly wrecked but I’m looking forward to getting home later tonight.


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